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A musical odyssey about two veteran musicians in search of what they call “music utopia”, It Was the Music features Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams; he’s from New York’s Upper East Side, she’s from rural West Tennessee.

After leading successful, separate careers since getting married thirty years ago, they decide to pack their instruments into their SUV, set out across America and attempt to make it as a musical duo. From small clubs to big music festivals, Larry & Teresa strike a chord in audiences everywhere they perform, playing their own songs for the first time and pursuing their passion for delivering riveting interpretations of American gospel, blues, country, and good old rock ‘n’ roll. It Was the Music is both a personal love story about two musicians devoted to each other and to the music they love, and a director’s love letter to a time when music brought people together in the halcyon days of the sixties and early seventies, a time when it seemed that it was the music that mattered.

William Bell
David Bromberg
Jackson Browne
Suzie Brown
Jack Casady
Rosanne Cash
Shawn Colvin
Jerry Douglas
Garland Jeffreys
David Keith
Jorma Kaukonen
Phil Lesh
John Leventhal
Buddy Miller
Tracy Nelson
Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton
Scot Sax
Larry "The Mole" Taylor
Happy Traum


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The fact that Larry and Teresa can traverse the difficulties of the road together shows the love that they have for each other...and the music.

Bettye LaVette

It Was the Music captures palpably for us such relationships between musician and audience and the magic of the music. It reveals how one couple’s deep love for each other and for making music…invite the fans into their intense intimacy.

Folk Alley

It’s just incredible. It draws you right in.

Buddy Miller

This could be a potent pitch for a scripted film, but instead it’s the real story playing out in the new docu-series… where love and story and sound is held in higher esteem than money or fame.

A rich and affectionate portrait of two brilliant musicians. Compelling drama, with a flawless soundtrack.

Craig Havighurst, WMOT, Nashville

An amazing 10 episode series... I can only say that the series is a must see, not only for fans of Americana music but any music in general.

Ink 19

Larry and Teresa’s harmony, in both music and life, is an inspiration.

Rosanne Cash

Larry and Teresa are a fantastic blend of different influences.  The music that they make is complete in itself, but they came to it in very different ways.  Actually, the music came to Teresa, and Larry went to the music.

David Bromberg

A deep dive into the beauty of American music.

Selig Film News

It Was The Music is a lovely journey of music, artistry, passion, love, and life.

This is a great musical series... fans of The Last Waltz will most definitely dig this show.

True View Reviews

A must-see documentary…. what it means to sacrifice everything for the sake of artistic expression.


Scott Zamek