A profound and moving work. [It] raises larger questions about culture and connection.

Relix Magazine

A must-see documentary…. what it means to sacrifice everything for the sake of artistic expression.


Scott Zamek

A deep dive into the beauty of American music.

Selig Film News

It Was The Music is a lovely journey of music, artistry, passion, love, and life.

This is a great musical series... fans of The Last Waltz will most definitely dig this show.

True View Reviews

Larry and Teresa’s harmony, in both music and life, is an inspiration.

Rosanne Cash

Larry and Teresa are a fantastic blend of different influences.  The music that they make is complete in itself, but they came to it in very different ways.  Actually, the music came to Teresa, and Larry went to the music.

David Bromberg

An amazing 10 episode series... I can only say that the series is a must see, not only for fans of Americana music but any music in general.

Ink 19

This could be a potent pitch for a scripted film, but instead it’s the real story playing out in the new docu-series… where love and story and sound is held in higher esteem than money or fame.

A rich and affectionate portrait of two brilliant musicians. Compelling drama, with a flawless soundtrack.

Craig Havighurst, WMOT, Nashville

It’s just incredible. It draws you right in.

Buddy Miller

It Was the Music captures palpably for us such relationships between musician and audience and the magic of the music. It reveals how one couple’s deep love for each other and for making music…invite the fans into their intense intimacy.

Folk Alley

The fact that Larry and Teresa can traverse the difficulties of the road together shows the love that they have for each other...and the music.

Bettye LaVette

This is a great series with so much music and personal stories of life on the road.

Jacqulaine Plattner, Amazon Viewer

Finally, what 2020 so sorely lacked, and desperately needed, a true feel good story. Everyone out there reading this, it’s worth investing your time.

Maz52, Amazon Viewer

The history and the talents of kindred artists shown in this series make it a Must See series for music lovers. I think my first memory of Larry performing is with Dylan but there is a lot more here for you. Interviews with other musicians are important here (Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna), Jackson Browne, Roseanne Cash and John Leventhal, Happy Traum and more). Worth the money!

Ron Ozer, Amazon Viewer

After watching It was the Music I had a whole new appreciation of how some are able to keep it going... I love the chemistry between Larry and Teresa both in their relationship and their music... Their love story makes the documentary so different and I love it!

David Elworthy, Amazon Viewer

Watching 'It Was the Music' is a salve for the soul. Do it; you'll love, love, love it.

Anne Smith, Amazon Viewer

A heartfelt, exuberant journey down the BIG RIVER of American music with two of its most talented and authentic practitioners.

Michael F, Amazon Viewer

Such a great show featuring an amazingly talented couple and a ‘day in the life’ of musicians. Love how personal it is and their love of roots music.

Nancy Keith, Amazon Viewer

Wow! Buy it... The price is right and you will be happy you did. "It Was the Music" (documentary) took me back in time and made me smile, laugh out loud, and cry a little.

Brenda Nash-Mason, Amazon Viewer

This is MUST-SEE for any fans of music, as well as romantics. Larry and Teresa’s love story is something to behold, and their love of music, their families & friends, and the interviews and stories are something you don’t want to end. Mark Moskowitz’s creation is a true gift to us... I am so sorry that it’s over; I could have watched another hundred hours. It provided the perfect companion to Jorma Kaukonen’s almost year-long quarantine concert series on YouTube. I feel like I know these people.

MD, Amazon Viewer

A rare and intimate look behind the scenes of two of the best musicians of American roots music today. If you want to see what it's really like to be in it just for the love of the music you're in for a treat. Larry and Teresa are the real deal.

Michael Freidman, Amazon Viewer

It Was The Music is a 10 episode documentary series by director Mark Moskowitz that celebrates music that has been close to his heart for all of his adult life and also changed the world.

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